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Trend Micro-Cloud and Container Security

Best Practices for Cloud and Container Security

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud environments and containers as part of their digital transformation. As cloud and container adoption rises, DevOps and security teams must work together to introduce security earlier in the software development life cycle and reduce the risk of cyberthreats — while maintaining speed and agility.

DevOps.com and Trend Micro have put together a free collection of three e-books and two webinar recordings, to help you explore cloud and container security best practices:

  • The Secure DevOps Imperative
  • Undertaking Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments
  • Six Steps to Comprehensive Container Security
  • Cloud Misconfiguration Causes Breaches – How to Avoid It
  • A Framework to Halt Cloud-Native Application Threats

The Best Practices for Cloud and Container Security collection takes a look at the challenges DevOps teams face in cloud environments and how to overcome those challenges. It also includes a step-by-step guide to automate the security of your containers and a technical demo on how to build secure apps.

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