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Boost Hybrid Cloud Security_cover

Boost Hybrid Cloud Security:
Protect Your Business with Cloud-Native Security Approaches

Hybrid cloud is an IT architecture that incorporates some degree of workload portability, orchestration and management across two or more connected but separate environments, including bare metal, virtualized, private cloud and public cloud.

No matter where you are in your hybrid cloud journey, security is a big concern. Hybrid cloud security vulnerabilities typically take the form of loss of resource oversight and control, including unsanctioned public cloud use, lack of visibility into resources, inadequate change control, poor configuration management, and ineffective access controls. Unauthorized users can take advantage of these gaps to gain access to sensitive data and internal resources.

You can deploy a security-focused hybrid cloud by adapting your methods to account for the differences between on-premise and cloud architecture. This e-book discusses new approaches and considerations for protecting your business in the hybrid cloud.

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