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Container Monitoring

Container monitoring will provide IT teams with unprecedented levels of visibility into IT environments. Containers have been designed from the ground up to collect the metadata required to enable IT organizations to see what’s occurring in real-time within an IT environment and to use that data to inform IT automation frameworks. As more data pours into those frameworks, the symbiotic relationship between container monitoring and IT automation transforms how IT environments are managed and secured. 

As is always the case when it comes to IT, the devil in the details of achieving that goal is finding a container monitoring tool truly capable of surfacing reliable, actionable intelligence at scale in real-time. Unfortunately, many organizations that have embraced containers have yet to appreciate that value of container monitoring. Rather than standardizing on a single platform that serves as the foundation on which all future IT modernization initiatives will rest, many of them have either left it up to individual DevOps teams to implement container monitoring or simply not provided this capability at all.

Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before container monitoring becomes a core requirement for most IT organizations. To what degree IT organizations will employ container monitoring to modernize IT environments is the big question.

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