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Container Security: Securing from Within

Containers increase speed, simplify operations, improve development efficiency and bring a slew of other benefits, making them a top choice for agile deployment infrastructure. Everything from web apps, services, data stores, command line apps, desktop apps and other Linux programs can easily be packaged within containers. However, issues regarding their security have grown. Unsecured containers are targets for malicious attacks. Containers face numerous security threats, such as zero-day attacks and cryptojacking, for example, which means IT leaders continually require new techniques to secure their containers from within.

Container Security: Securing from Within outlines the critical importance of container security and provides best practices and tools to ensure your container environment is as secure as your entire IT stack. This eBook highlights the most salient container security advice accumulated from industry reports and container experts.

By carefully implementing strategies such as access control, container image scanning, capability limiting and other techniques, container owners will be empowered with deep defensive maneuvers to decrease their attack vector and ship safer applications.

Download this eBook to learn more about container threats and vulnerabilities, container security tooling and methods to secure containers from within.

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