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Authored by


Charles Kolodgy
Accelerated Strategies Group



DevOps and the Alternative Cloud

Cloud technologies have moved from single workload projects to the mainstream. Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is popular. Public cloud infrastructure services are increasingly becoming a preferred infrastructure backbone for digital transformation initiatives and IT modernization. Selecting which provider to use is an important, but daunting task.

Accelerated Strategies Group conducted the DevOps and the Alternative Cloud Report, surveying software developers from around the world to gather and refine data on how developers view Cloud IaaS providers and to get a better understanding of what features are most important to developers when selecting a cloud infrastructure provider.

The research, commissioned by Linode, determines what capabilities and priorities cloud infrastructure providers are expected to deliver, and provides insight on where cloud activities could be heading in the future.

The big three hyperscale vendors may dominate the market, but the alternative cloud is a major player as organizations expand their cloud presence.

Accelerated Strategies Group conducted the worldwide survey in February 2021, collecting a total of 384 responses.

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