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Cover_How Red Hat and Tufin Are Driving Secure Innovation

How Red Hat and Tufin Are Driving Secure Innovation

Tufin and Red Hat together are committed to enabling organizations to innovate safely without slowing down the rate at which applications are developed. Arguably, investments in DevOps practices will be for naught if critical vulnerabilities discovered after an application is deployed forces an organization to roll that application back.

Worse yet, vulnerabilities in those applications might lead to a data breach, which an organization might not be able to recover from easily, if ever. In the age of digital business transformation, there’s never been more at stake when it comes to building and deploying new applications.

We invite you to visit Tufin to see for yourself how security can enable innovation without causing friction. We’re sure that once everyone in your organization appreciates the symbiotic relationship between security and innovation, they will embrace the development and deployment of more microservices-based applications across a fleet of Red Hat OpenShift clusters.

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