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Modern, Containerized Applications Demand New Infrastructure

When the cloud isn’t big enough. While the cloud offers elasticity and scalability, there can come a time when it just isn’t the right solution for your applications. Yes, you can outgrow the cloud.  What’s next? A purpose built platform for your containerized applications.

 At the end of the day it comes down to dollars and sense (pun intended). Performance matters, as does price to performance ratios. Most of all your customer’s satisfaction is paramount. For all of these reasons many organizations are finding that as their containerized environments and applications achieve scale, the options offered by the cloud don’t match the requirements of your business.

 Diamanti has spent years designing, testing and optimizing purpose built appliances made to handle the most demanding containerized applications. Download this white paper and see why when you want “Dev done fast and Ops done right, Diamanti is the solution you need.