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Monitor Full-Stack Kubernetes Metrics and Events at Scale with InfluxDB_cover

Monitor Full-Stack Kubernetes Metrics and Events at Scale with InfluxD

Kubernetes is being adopted as the backbone of modern IT applications. Therefore, monitoring Kubernetes, itself, has become increasingly important as applications are fragmented into microservices running within ephemeral containers. Part of the job of monitoring Kubernetes can be done with Prometheus collecting metrics, but that is not enough for a comprehensive monitoring.

In this eBook, we discuss the importance of observing beyond nodes, containers and exposed Prometheus/metrics endpoints, to include Kubernetes state and custom application instrumentations.

You will learn:

  • How to include events, such as logs, response and error codes, both for alerting and diagnosis
  • What data collection methods could be used
  • What Kubernetes dashboards should be created
  • Why InfluxDB time series platform (through real-time full-stack monitoring) provides the necessary platform foundation to address all monitoring and scalability needs