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Moving to the Public Cloud: The Strategic Role of Server Operating System Environments

This InfoBrief seeks to enlighten IT practitioners on the overall cloud strategies of organizations and the role of server operating system environments (OSEs). Questions addressed include:

  • What role do cloud strategies play in digital transformation (DX) initiatives?
  • How is OSE usage in the public cloud expected to change in the next two years?
  • Who most influences the selection of OSEs in the public cloud?
  • What role do OSE suppliers and cloud providers play in cloud migration and adoption projects?
  • What are the business and technological reasons for OSE selection in the public cloud?

This InfoBrief is based on a survey of 1,025 qualified IT decision-makers. Survey respondents were screened to ensure they are involved in IT strategy and infrastructure purchasing, as well as application strategy and OSE selection. Additionally, respondents were screened to ensure they use IT infrastructure that is entirely or partly off-premises in hosted or public cloud infrastructure.

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