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Optimize DevOps with Application Release Orchestration

Digital transformation is ubiquitous. Getting quality software into production quickly and efficiently is a major priority for organizations of all types. Yet many find that development teams’ agile pace of software delivery and new technology adoption has outstripped the ability of operations teams to keep up. This cadence and skills mismatch puts a speed limit on innovation, puts transformation success at risk, and leaves release managers in a constant state of “release anxiety.”

To keep up with this pace of innovation, organizations need to:

  • Let development teams freely experiment and adopt new technologies.
  • Help operations teams safely absorb that new technology and easily move it into production when the business demands.
  • Provide infrastructure, operations and release managers an easy way to ensure quality, integrity and security throughout the process, no matter the scale.

This eBook describes how DevOps practices, and application release orchestration (ARO), help make releases systematic, predictable and repeatable to eliminate release anxiety and allow organizations to release on business demand.

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