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cover_Red Hat Services Solution- Cloud Foundry to OpenShift

Red Hat Services Solution:
Cloud Foundry to OpenShift

After years of investment and effort, companies running Cloud Foundry are experiencing limitations and a need for a hybrid cloud platform built on Kubernetes that supports containerizing and modern- izing their existing, stateful applications, as well as new cloud-native development.
Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform provides a complete enterprise hybrid cloud platform on which to build and run production workloads. Customers moving from Cloud Foundry to OpenShift Container Platform have experienced these benefits:

  • Support for both stateless and stateful applications.
  • Improved productivity with a standardized development environment and self-service provisioning.
  • Enhanced security with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security, for continuous infrastructure, container, and workload security and compliance.
  • Significantly reduced hardware costs by running OpenShift Container Platform on bare metal.
Red Hat Services solution: Cloud Foundry to OpenShift provides organizations a phased approach to migrating from Cloud Foundry, including Pivotal Cloud Foundry and IBM Cloud Foundry, to
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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