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Speed and Scale: How Machine Identity Protection is Crucial for Digital Transformation and DevOps

Digital transformation requires new approaches to security, demanding the protection of machine identities that enable authentication and encryption required for secure machine-to-machine communication.

Solving machine identity protection challenges within DevOps environments, requires a fundamentally new approach. Information Security teams must deliver a frictionless, automated solution that allows DevOps engineers to seamlessly provision and manage certificates throughout the entire software development life cycle—from build to test to production. The goal of this solution should be to eliminate human error and increase the speed of certificate provisioning so that it doesn’t hobble the speed of development. The only way to do this is to provide DevOps practitioners with a consumable, API-driven machine identity protection service that integrates seamlessly into existing DevOps toolchains. By standardizing certificate provisioning across DevOps environments and teams, organizations can:

  • Accelerate application development.
  • Improve security by automating the issuance of trusted certificates.
  • Comply with policies and regulatory frameworks.
  • Eliminate certificate-related outages.
  • Provide security with visibility into all certificates used across DevOps and cloud environments.
  • Adhere to requirements regarding segregation of duties.
  • Build infrastructure that allows organizations to easily migrate cloud workloads across vendors.

This white paper will discuss real-world machine identity protection challenges facing security and DevOps practitioners as well as best practices that allow organizations to scale digital certificate provisioning. When done correctly, this approach allows organizations to embrace digital transformation and DevOps while also gaining visibility, automation and control of all machine identities across the enterprise.

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