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The API industry is booming, and as the API evolves from a technological benefit to a business imperative, the trends and benchmarks that define the industry are changing as well. Delivery teams are beginning to embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies as API quality shifts left – but what does that look like for the teams that currently deliver APIs? Download this complimentary industry report to access 40+ information-packed pages of new data benchmarking API developers and consumers regarding the current and future state of API, from a global survey of more than 2,300 developers, testers, IT/operations professionals and business leaders.

You’ll get all the revealing findings, benchmarks and insights on: 

  • Top methodologies for API delivery teams, including Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps
  • How measures of API quality are shifting ownership from testers to developers
  • Attitudes from API providers and consumers regarding API quality and performance standards
  • The percentage of API consumers who will permanently switch vendors if they encounter a performance issue