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The Bot Problem:

Effective Detection, Analysis, & Blocking

Bots account for 50% of all web traffic. In the U.S. alone, threat actors will cause over $12 billion in losses by next year. How do companies fight against the ever-multiplying barrage of bot attacks from bad actors? 

Security experts across all industries face the same challenge: how do I improve defenses against bot-generated traffic? This ebook reveals ways that attackers employ bots and how companies can guard against bot attacks. 

Key Lessons:

  • Strategies to discern between benign and malicious bot traffic,
  • Bad bot use cases: account takeover, content scraping, token stuffing, form submission abuse, & API abuse,
  • The cost of bots to businesses: loss of monetary value and negative customer experience,
  • Immediate actions to take: stop malicious traffic with signals and advanced rules.


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