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ASG_cover_Future of Remote Work and SW Dev

The Future of Remote Work and Software Development

COVID-19 forced a dramatic and immediate shift from onsite to remote work for almost everyone. This research, conducted by Accelerated Strategies Group and commissioned by CloudBees, set out to answer three important questions:

  • Were software teams in organizations already working remotely, prior to COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Have the use and importance of remote work tools and applications changed since COVID-19 restrictions were implemented?
  • In what ways has COVID-19 informed and changed organizations’ ability to create software?

The answers were compelling — and in some cases, surprising. This research serves as a valuable resource to companies as they adapt and adjust their future business strategies and plan for a post-COVID-19 future. Whatever the “new normal” looks like, these massive shifts in priorities, business strategies, software strategies, global and local economic recovery conditions make clear that the new normal is likely to be anything but normal, at least as we knew it prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.