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The Path to Cloud-Native Applications

A cloud-native application is an application built to take advantage of cloud computing models to increase speed, flexibility, and quality, while reducing deployment risks. Despite its name, a cloud-native approach is not focused on where applications are deployed, but instead on how applications are built, deployed, and managed.

Cloud-native approaches are similar to microservices architectures. However, although microser­vices can be one of the outcomes of building cloud-native applications, there are many steps to reach the level of maturity for managing microservices in production. Microservices are not required to take advantage of all benefits provided by cloud-native apps. Many organizations achieve the benefits of cloud-native approaches by focusing on building better modular monoliths using the same principles.

Evolving toward cloud-native application development and delivery is multidimensional, affecting culture, processes, architecture, and technology. As such, this is a journey rather than a destination, representing a cycle of change that can be challenging to embrace.

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