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The Role of Testing in a DO Environment (1000)

The Role of Testing in a DevOps Environment

Gone are the days when developers assumed that testing was an afterthought. It’s increasingly clear that both management and DevOps teams see software testing as essential to creating high-quality software. Without well-designed software, organizations cannot provide quality service to their constituents.

Techstrong Research interviewed more than 550 industry leaders and practitioners from around the world to gather and refine data on the importance of testing in fast-paced DevOps environments. More than 78% of survey respondents see testing as a benefit rather than a bottleneck and nearly 60% experienced a reduction in issues once applications were in production.

The research report, commissioned by Tricentis, investigates:

  • How testing contributes to DevOps success
  • How testing can be both a benefit and a bottleneck
  • Why testing is slowing teams down and how to avoid this
  • The impact of microservices on testing
  • The key benefits of automation
  • Why shifting testing left is the path to success





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