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The State of IT Transformation 2019

Achieving digital transformation is a critical business initiative for any organization seeking to modernize operations and create a competitive advantage through how they deliver value to customers. However, in order to do so, IT infrastructure must be transformed as well. IT is being challenged to keep pace in the on-demand, digital economy where user and customer demands are growing ever higher. In the race to digital transformation, many companies are beginning to realize that their complex, antiquated legacy infrastructure is a barrier to success.

A recent industry survey of 543 IT professionals at organizations consisting of over 500 employees, was conducted to:

  • Help identify the primary challenges and opportunities enterprises face as they attempt to transform their IT infrastructure; and what criteria they are using to evaluate solutions
  • Assess whether their data centers are adequately equipped to manage the complex demands of modern applications
  • Determine what they are doing well to achieve digital transformation and what gaps remain

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